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A hernia is a weakness or defect in the abdominal wall. It may be present from birth, or develop over a period of time. If the defect is large enough, abdominal contents such as the bowels, may...

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Approximately 80,000 inguinal hernia repair operations are performed annually in the United Kingdom. Many are performed by the conventional "open" method. Some are performed...

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Private Laparoscopic Hernia surgery in London

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as 'keyhole surgery' or 'minimally invasive surgery', is now accepted as having major advantages over traditional surgery. This form of surgery leaves minimal scarring and involves less cutting of tissues.
Patients therefore experience less pain after surgery and return to full fitness faster than after open surgery.

Mr Andrew Jenkinson is a consultant gastrointestinal surgeon with a special interest in advanced laparoscopic, or keyhole, surgery. He is the clinical lead at the Centre for Laparoscopic Surgery, Homerton University Hospital, East London and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Royal London Hospital.

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